Magnetic Backup Tapes and Magneto-Optical data storage and backup media was widely used in the past. Many corporations and small businesses used tape backup for storing and archiving their critical data. With time, technology has developed to a faster and better backup solutions for daily usage. There are some companies that utilize modern tape backups, but more and more people recognize much faster storage solutions. Sometimes the need for older data arise and tape is located but there is no computer or drive to read it. Magnetic tape material also degrades with time significantly due to improper storage conditions and it may not be possible to read data. This is where QUBEX data recovery comes in. We have a number of old computers, with variety of tape drives and custom software that will help in recovering data from all kind of backup tape. If your tape is ripped or “chewed”  there still may be possibility of recovering data, all will depend on severity and areas of damage. We do see a lot of LTO, DLT and Travan tapes. They are probably the most widely used. We also see a lot of Magneto Optical disks that were widely used in 90’s. ZIP disks and different Floppy disks were mainstream storage type. Photo above shows examples of disks and tapes we have successfully recovered data from in the past. Backup tape recovery is very time consuming and may take days or even a weeks, depending on type of a tape, drive availability and format, therefore it is not cheap. If you  are in situation when you need to read or recover data from magnetic tape or optical disk – QUBEX engineers will be happy to assist. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss all possible recovery options that will be tailored to your situation.


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