Variety of NAS RAID server challenges are faced by QUBEX data recovery engineers regularly. More RAID arrays utilized everywhere, not just by corporate IT departments, but by regular home users. Many come in different flavors. Most often seen configurations are Stripe RAID, Mirror RAID, JBOD, 1E Offset, 1E Adjacent, RAID 4, 5, 5E, 5EE, 6, 6 Adaptec RAID. Some other combinations of nested or multi tiered RAID arrays we see are 10, 50, 51, 60 etc.

Number of manufacturers using custom RAID arrays that does not fall under standard classification. One of such manufacturers is DROBO. DROBO RAID is not easy to recover and not everyone can do it. Other complex RAID recoveries relate to FLASH RAID ARRAYs that become more popular in data centers and in big companies. Flash arrays are significantly faster if compared against regular configurations. They capable of moving thousands gigabytes per second. Flash arrays designed to sustain significantly higher loads and read/write cycles but they still can fail, just like any other device.

QUBEX data recovery services provides high level of transparency, so our clients can breathe with ease while their data is being recovered. Our ultimate goal, as recovery specialists, is to resolve your data loss associated, stress situation, as soon as possible, with minimized downtime for reasonable price. QUBEX recovery team, in many cases, is capable of recovering your failed, corrupt, malfunctioned or non operational NAS RAID array even if others have given up. Fire damage, flood or liquid spill damages, mechanical and or physical damages – we will take care of your storage and will do our best to recover data properly.

Damaged or broken RAIDs from NAS manufacturers such as SEAGATE, WD, PROMISE, QNAP, LACIE, BUFFALO, NETGEAR, SYNOLOGY, TERRA MASTER, DELL, HP, IBM, ASUS, OVERLAND, DROBO, NEO, EMC, CISCO, EVO, NETAPP, iOSAFE, D-LINK, CODEX, ASUSTOR, MONUMENT LABS, PELCO, NUUO, THECUS and many others were successfully recovered by QUBEX. Let us know how we can help you. We offer expedited services 24/7 and are fastest turnaround. For immediate attention call us at 720-319-7239. If, for some reason phone is not picked up, please leave a message or send us a text message. We will reply as soon as possible and answer all questions you may have. You can also send us request from here

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A RAID data recovery service that won’t let you down!

Redundant Array of Independent Disks or RAID technology is a common solution to store data in the IT industry, underpinning a majority of business servers, computers, and storage devices. The prospect of suffering from sudden data loss from a RAID failure is one of the most severe issues that an individual, small business, or large organization can encounter.

Typically, RAID is one of the most durable technology for data protection. However, when problems do occur, the risk of losing RAID partly or every single byte of data is a real possibility. If you experience issues with your RAID configuration, we highly recommend stopping using the system immediately to prevent further damage and consider calling raid data recovery specialists.

A majority of avoidable damage occurs in the first sixty minutes after data loss due to human action. Below are a few examples:

In all these cases, it is crucial to stop all the activities immediately and contact Qubex Data Recovery for professional raid data recovery services. Our expert RAID data recovery technicians can recover data RAID arrays of all RAID levels, even from the most significantly damaged ones.

How do Qubex Data Recovery raid data recovery services work?

Our raid data recovery specialists always try to retrieve a hundred percent of data from the client’s RAID configuration. Here is how we work:

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Often you have only one chance to recover your crucial data. Don’t lose this chance by implementing DIY techniques. It is essential to reach out to RAID data recovery specialists. Our knowledgeable engineers will inform you about all the possibilities of recovery, risks, and possible next steps. Contact us today for queries!

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