Servers are the backbone of all small and large business organizations in this digital age. If the server is down for one minute, it can cost thousands or even millions of dollars loss to a company. Unfortunately, servers are susceptible to failure like any data storage system.

If you have experienced a failed server, contact Qubex Data Recovery immediately!

Qubex Data Recovery is capable of recovering data from any system with any interface with our years of experience. With the extensive knowledge we have earned from the past cases and state-of-the-art technology, we can efficiently treat any server failure in the least time possible.

Common causes of server data failure:

We understand the critical nature of server failure. Therefore our trained technicians ensure to recover your lost data as quickly as possible. Over the years, we have developed innovative methods for addressing even the most complex server failure and offer reliable server data recovery.

Your data security and privacy are our utmost priority!

After receiving your request, our experts will perform the necessary inspection of your system in our clean environment ISO-10 room and ISO-100 benches. It is our cleanroom where we operate on damaged drives to prevent contamination that could lead to permanent data loss from the delicate components of your storage devices.

Moreover, our most up-to-date software and broad-minded skills allow us to recover your data with safety and privacy. Whether you are a regular individual, student, or employer, we understand that confidentiality of data holds impeccable value for you, and that’s what we ensure to offer you with our server data recovery and NAS data recovery.

You can be free of all your worries knowing that a team of experienced professionals is working on your server while maintaining absolute safety and privacy.

Why Quebec Data Recovery?

Server failures happen, but it doesn’t mean your company has to stay in losses. Call us today for a fast and reliable server and NAS data recovery!

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