Liquid Damaged Computers

Last week we got a liquid damaged #SAMSUNG #laptop #RV508(NP-RV508) with a liquid spill on it, beer actually, which died and client needed data recovery service. Laptop had Western Digital 320GB SATA NOTEBOOK HARD DRIVE, MODEL#WD3200BPVT-35ZEST0 Scorpio Blue with controller 2061-771672-R04. This samsung laptop motherboard had multiple shorts and lots of corrosion signs on various spots, […]

Dell Laptop Data Recovery Service.

Dell Laptop data recovery example. A new patient in our office – A dell inspiron laptop, #Dell #Inspiron 15, that was accidentally dropped and would not boot to OS. Drive is not visible by computer in BIOS. Upon free diagnostic completion data recovery service engineers found that laptop hard drive#Samsung #ST1000LM024 P/N HN-#M101MBB/D1 FW #2AR20004 is […]