Dell Laptop data recovery example. A new patient in our office – A dell inspiron laptop, #Dell #Inspiron 15, that was accidentally dropped and would not boot to OS. Drive is not visible by computer in BIOS. Upon free diagnostic completion data recovery service engineers found that laptop hard drive#Samsung #ST1000LM024 P/N HN-#M101MBB/D1 FW #2AR20004 is not able to spin its spindel, actuator arm can’t move due to head stiction to the platters.

 This is common problem with this type of a laptop hard drives, especially if they are dropped by accident, but in majority of data recovery cases data can still be recovered. Drive will need a head stack replaced to properly extract data. This is pure physical-mechanical damage and will be priced accordingly because of a clean room involvement and donor drive parts usage. QUBEX data recovery service experts were able to successfully extract all critical data. Client was happy and we were pleased to help someone in need.

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