Portable drives are very popular. Small size, big capacity, no external power supply. Very convenient to carry. Because of mobility and availability they are everywhere. Every computer user has one. Many users travel a lot and expose portable drives to various non standard conditions such as temperatures, static electricity, bumps. All this has effect on portable hard drive life span. Even if you use cushion or portable pouch for your drive, you can still face data loss situation. All conventional spinning drives are very delicate and require accurate handling, especially while operational.

Majority of problems with portable hard drives are related to physical damages. Then goes firmware corruption and file system errors. FW corruption happens a lot when drive cannot fully initialize itself during spin-up process. This may be due to USB cable unplug, disconnect, bad contact in USB port, bad cable etc. File system errors usually happen for same reasons or problems with reading/writing data to platters.

Manufacturers are trying to mitigate all problems via firmware updates and new designs. The newer drive is, the more complex device it is. New technologies allowing to cram hundreds of gigabytes or ever terabytes on standard size platter. Now we see portable drives with capacities up to 6TB which was unthinkable just some time ago. Desktop backup drives are also coming with huge capacities up to 20TB. Those drives are extremely fragile and don’t like to be moved while operational. Some have welded enclosures, like WD HELIOSEAL drives. This creates lots of challenges for data recovery specialist. Helium filled drives are running cooler and consume less power. Seagate also has Helium sealed drives. Seagate X10 and X12 EXOS series drives are Enterprise level hard drives and designed for data centers running 24/7

There also Rugged series portable hard drives. Rugged portable hard drives are certainly more durable. Many users think if drive is rugged its undestructable – wrong! They are the same mechanical “spinners” just cushioned better. Lacie rugged is good example. Very good design and beautiful enclosure. But because of stereotype thinking, we see lots of them with physical media damages. Some, sadly unrecoverable, some are.

QUBEX data recovery services of Denver offers professional data recovery services for any broken, failed or damaged portable backup hard drive. QUBEX specialists are all certified with extensive background checks and lifelong experience. All work is done locally, no mediators involved. We offer competitive price. We are capable of recovering data from physically damaged drives, electrically damaged drives, repair USB connection ports. Contact us via this form, we will be glad to help you! Messages via FACEBOOK page are welcome!

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