iPhone Data Recovery: What You Need to Know About It

When you are in your office or home, you may spend most of your time on your computer. You also use your iPhone for checking social media and other stuff. But you will use your iPhone while away from home or the office. You will use it to talk to people, capture photos & videos […]

We can recover your data from your Mac!

Do you know there are currently 1.4 billion Apple users worldwide, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macbooks, and Apple watches? In order to stand up to users’ expectations, this OS is constantly updating to offer the users the highest level of functionality and security. However, all systems are susceptible to failure, and Apple is no exception. […]


In this digital and online world, make sure that you protect your important information. Businesses face a lot of loss just because of losing their important data. Don’t worry, Qubex Data Recovery is here to protect and recover your data. We, at Qubex Data Recovery serve you with professional data recovery services in the Denver, […]

Professional Server Data Recovery for Secure and Guaranteed Data Retrieval

Servers are the backbone of all small and large business organizations in this digital age. If the server is down for one minute, it can cost thousands or even millions of dollars loss to a company. Unfortunately, servers are susceptible to failure like any data storage system. If you have experienced a failed server, contact […]

Can a damaged flash drive be repaired?

Data failure is inevitable, but data loss is not! Flash drives are one of the best-discovered storage devices in the realm of computers. They are small, portable, and ideal for users who regularly use two or more computer systems to move important files from one location to another without a network connection. However, while flash […]

Liquid Damaged Computers

Last week we got a liquid damaged #SAMSUNG #laptop #RV508(NP-RV508) with a liquid spill on it, beer actually, which died and client needed data recovery service. Laptop had Western Digital 320GB SATA NOTEBOOK HARD DRIVE, MODEL#WD3200BPVT-35ZEST0 Scorpio Blue with controller 2061-771672-R04. This samsung laptop motherboard had multiple shorts and lots of corrosion signs on various spots, […]

Apple Mac Mini Computer—Recovered!

This Apple Mac Mini computer came in for data recovery services with dead #HITACHI#HTS545050B9A302 500GB hard disk drive (#hdd). FAMILY or Series 5K500.B500 PART NUMBER#H2T500854S / #0J13964 MLC:DA3846 #A127121655-1540F / 2Z694-6935 / 0Z694-6843. Owner said it just quit working for no apparent reason.During our#freeevaluation and diagnostic it was determined that drive failed due to heads […]

Dell Laptop Data Recovery Service.

Dell Laptop data recovery example. A new patient in our office – A dell inspiron laptop, #Dell #Inspiron 15, that was accidentally dropped and would not boot to OS. Drive is not visible by computer in BIOS. Upon free diagnostic completion data recovery service engineers found that laptop hard drive#Samsung #ST1000LM024 P/N HN-#M101MBB/D1 FW #2AR20004 is […]