Vintage old hard drive data recovery is a process of moving or extracting valuable data from old HDD. From time to time, old laptops pop up and users want their data extracted for variety of reasons. Many times such laptops just will not power on or hard drives are dead. Other cases we had laptops […]


Backup Tape is a digital data storage device for archiving various digital files. It can store documents, photos, videos, database, email, text or combination on magnetic tape. To read backup tape you need tape drive. There are numerous types of tapes. Right now, most widely used are LTO BACKUP TAPE. LTO tape is cheap and […]


Hybrid Hard Disk Drives or Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs) are transitional block between conventional “spinners” (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs). HYBRIDs were widely used before SSD’s became more affordable. Now there is barely any HYBRIDS left. Hybrid SSHD is a regular spinning platter hard disk drive with added NAND memory chip, a so […]

Server RAID, NAS data recovery

Server RAID, NAS setup is very common among small businesses and big companies. It also provides great data redundancy in terms of protection and data availability. IBM, HP, DELL, APPLE, SUN build quality server families for all kind of digital storage needs. All of them come with ability to have their hard drives set as […]

Thumb USB Flash drive data recovery services

Thumb USB Flash drive data recovery done on broken flash drives. Damage happens when users forget to unplug them before packing laptop. House animals are likely to help with breaking or chewing flash drives. Very common problem with flash drives are thorn USB connectors. When connector bends or breaks – PCB traces can also get […]

Laptop data recovery service

Laptop data recovery services are another group of services for devices that need data recovery. Like any other portable device, they are exposed to conditions far beyond home use. Laptops are designed to withstand mobile use, but cheaper models are pretty much disposables. Some are being backup to a cloud, some are not. Obviously many […]

Portable HDD data recovery services

Portable drives are very popular. Small size, big capacity, no external power supply. Very convenient to carry. Because of mobility and availability they are everywhere. Every computer user has one. Many users travel a lot and expose portable drives to various non standard conditions such as temperatures, static electricity, bumps. All this has effect on […]

Server NAS RAID recovery services

Variety of NAS RAID server challenges are faced by QUBEX data recovery engineers regularly. More RAID arrays utilized everywhere, not just by corporate IT departments, but by regular home users. Many come in different flavors. Most often seen configurations are Stripe RAID, Mirror RAID, JBOD, 1E Offset, 1E Adjacent, RAID 4, 5, 5E, 5EE, 6, 6 […]

Flash Drive, Memory card data recovery

  Flash drive memory or Camera memory cards are widely used in modern electronics – in your cellphone, in your camera, in video registrators. Basically anywhere you look, there always will be the need for flash storage. Its cheap, its small, its fast. Like anything else in this world flash memory cards and flash drives […]


Magnetic Backup Tapes and Magneto-Optical data storage and backup media was widely used in the past. Many corporations and small businesses used tape backup for storing and archiving their critical data. With time, technology has developed to a faster and better backup solutions for daily usage. There are some companies that utilize modern tape backups, […]